Hi, I'm aloys
I am a full stack developper

I create beautiful looking websites and applications

About me

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I am a full stack developer: I develop web applications and websites from the front end to the back end using primarly the MERN stack.

I am the go to guy for all your online projects.

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Latest work

screenshot of a project made by myself

Aloys.dev - Portfolio

Html5- Css - Vanilla JS - BEM - Parcel - NodeJS + Express

This website has been entirely built on pure CSS and vanilla JS, the foundations of the web development, without any help from framework or library.

I firmly believe that strong foundations and knowledge of the core concepts are the heart of any good developper's skillset.

The website is bundled and built for production using Parcel and served with Nginx + Node + ExpressJS.

The contact form is handled with Nodemailer package.

The UI design is made by myself, using Adobe XD.

screenshot of a project made by myself

KYC- Admin Panel

VueJS - Vuetify - API - JWT

Admin panel built with Vue.js for a customer management service.

We chose Vue JS for its reactivity, performance and the rapidity of development. This has been built on top of the database API using JWT authentification.

The project has been bootstraped using Vueitfy to create a neat, clean and responsive UI.

"I highly recommend Aloys. He writes clean & fast code, and never had any issues with him. Five stars, I'm planning to hire him again" - Andrei
screenshot of a project made by myself


Nuxt - Go - Nginx - Postman - Vuetify - Rest API - Pupeeter + Jest

Contract work to maintain and develop a full stack application for communication between physician and pharmacists.

This tool allows secured transfer of medical prescriptions, discussions on medical matters and team management, among others.

My role in this project was to develop and maintain the code base, both front and back end, adding features on client requests.

We also implemented a CI/CD environment with testing using Github actions, Jest + Pupeteer and Postman.

The backend is built as a RESTful API using GO.

The front end is built with Nuxt and Vuetify.


The code cannot be shared for copyright reasons

screenshot of a project made by myself


Laraval - SASS - Blade templates - JS - Bootstrap - Vue

Contract work to help finish the front end of the Scivana community website.

My role was to help the developer to finish the work before the launch of their product.

The project is built on Laraval, relying heavily on SASS for the styling.

It also includes mini Vue apps to add interactivity.

The backend, managed and developped by another developer, is built with PHP.


The code cannot be shared for copyright reasons

screenshot of a project made by myself

Baeza Water

Nuxt - Tailwind - Adobe XD

A business website for a local company.

My role in this project was to design and build the website according to the client specifications.

I used Adobe XD to build a maquette of the website.

The original client wanted to use Bootstrap, but we decided to use Nuxt and Tailwind for a faster website and a better user experience.


The website is still under revision

The code cannot be shared for copyright reasons


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